Practical Summary: Coaching Children Literature Review

Millions of children and young people take part in sport and physical activity across Europe every day. However, the majority of their coaches are either not qualified or hold lower level generic qualifications that do not prepare them specifically to work with this age-group.

The Practical Summary of the larger literature review conducted as one of the corner stones of ICK (downloadable at ). It is ‘Practical’ because it brings together the main finding of the literature review from the perspective of what these mean for coaches working on the ground. In that sense, it provides simple and pragmatic advice that youth coaches can start using straight away to continue to develop their programmes and sessions.

In light of the findings of the review, the ICK expert group developed The ICOACHKIDS Pledgewhich includes 10 Golden Rules for Coaching Children that coaches and sport clubs should adhere to in order to guarantee positive experiences. In addition, therefore, the practical summary contains a section wherein specific applied advice is provided to facilitate the adoption and implementation of each of the golden rules by coaches, administrators, programmes and clubs.

You can download the full practical summary below


ICK Practical Summary Coaching Children Literature Review FINAL


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