6 Coach Demonstrating

Driving Continuous Improvement in Sport

with Prfoessor Gordon Bloom and Professor Wade Gilbert

Professor Wade Gilbert and Professor Gordon Bloom joined us to discuss how coaches can continually improve their coaching practice, and how this can impact upon the learning of their players. 

The presenters highlight the importance of developing a learning and support network, and learning through continuous in-depth reflection. Watch below to find out more.

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Gordon Bloom

Professor Gordon Bloom

Gordon works for McGill University in Canada and is a professor in the department of kinesiology and physical education. Gordon’s research is world renowned and has been frequently published in the area of coaching. His main areas of interest are coach learning, mentoring, leadership practices and team building.

Wade Gilbert

Professor Wade Gilbert

Wade is a professor in coaching and sport psychology at Fresno State University in the USA. Wade is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and sport scientist and an award-winning professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Fresno State University. His Main areas of interest are in coach learning and building positive learning culture for coaches.


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