Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport

Module 1

As coaches, we have a responsibility to make sure that sport is fun and enjoyable and that children learn a variety of personal and physical skills. But more important than all of that, is to ensure that we keep children safe and out of harm’s way while they are doing sport. It is also vital that we know what to do if, unfortunately, something bad happens.

When it comes to safeguarding and protecting children, the following sayings will remain top of our agenda:

Better Safe than Sorry


Prevention is Better than Cure

Bear in mind that this section is only an introduction to this very important topic. If you coach kids regularly, you should seek out a specific course. Perhaps your federation or a sporting organisation in your area or country has a course aimed right at this area. Go check them out. We will also signpost you to some very good materials and educational workshops we know of.

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Let’s take some time to reflect on these ideas and in the next section we will talk about what is child abuse in sport.


Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport, while important in every country, fits within a different best practice/legislative framework for each country. Because of this, please check the specific laws, policies and procedures that are applied in your country. Also check the information and advice provided by your sports sector and your sport’s national governing body/federation.

What is included here are GENERAL GUIDELINES. These are primarily based on UNICEF Safeguarding in Sport Guidelines.

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