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COURSE 5: Developing Effective Talent Development Environments

The following course contains some great information on developing effective talent development environments. This information will help you create appropriate environments to help young people be happy and healthy and develop within the sports they love.

This course aims to take you through 3 main steps:

  1. The Talent Identification & Development Process including:
    What is talent?
    The processes of talent identification and development
    Talent identification: trying to get it right
    Talent confirmation

  2. The Goals, Responsibilities & Components of Talent Development Environments.

  3. Effective Talent Development in Practice, including the role of athletes, coaches, support staff and parents.

Are you ready to start the course?

Simply follow the link below


Chapter 1 The Talent Development Process Study Guide

Chapter 2 Talent Development Environments Study Guide

Chapter 3 The Role of Different People in TD Es Study Guide


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